Attractions in the area

HAJDÚSZOBOSZLÓ – The world-famous thermal water several nice program waits for tourists visiting the famous beach and the largest aquapark in Central Europe in addition to. One of the most successful events in the Hajdúszoboszlói Bioétel- and Wine Festival, It made from organic products where besides the specialties and high quality wines from wineries and folk concerts are available here!

DEBRECEN – Easy walk to the Great Forest in Debrecen. An unforgettable experience for the monumental Debrecen, It built in neoclassical style building and park in front with a wonderful French. Going along University Avenue to get to the beautifully renovated Kossuth Square, where it is worth visiting one of the city's emblematic buildings of the Great Temple.

In the city center back to over a century of Deri Museum, which is rich in archeological, Local history, art, cultural, ethnographic collection of, historical relics of the Hungarian nation a priceless treasure.

A CARNIVAL FLOWERS Debrecen's most popular tourist events. Its roots date back to the 1910s, when the town's main street spectacular floral parade attracted visitors. 1966 Since each year will be held on August 20,. The flower-decked domestic and foreign cars parade along the city's main street, The Market Street, You will reach the Great Forest Stadium.

The country's first nature reserve, located in the heart of the Great Forest of Debrecen Aquaticum Spa- pool and recreation center offers a wide range of services, to rest, you relax. different temperature Termálfürdőnkben, indoor and outdoor pools with qualified thermal water, changing bath, steam chambers, mushroom- and neck showers, water massage jets are waiting for our guests every day of the year.

HORTOBÁGY – The tourists visiting this region can be an extraordinary experience hortobágyi selected part of the World Heritage wilderness. Recommended for indigenous animals and their habitats, guests wishing to make friends with the peculiarities of life in the desert.

TOKAJ – Budapest after the famous Hungarian city, the historic wine region “capital”. walk in Tokaj wine cellars located in the start. Will continue in a rich architectural landmark in downtown. The Tisza free beach, the wharves waiting for the water sports kevelőit, protected natural values ​​rising above the city of Bald Mountain and offer attractions for hikers.